Friday 2 September 2011


First of all I forgot in my last write up to thank Les Wallace. He lent me a set of very nice Century carp rods for the weekend after I snapped one of mine so cheers Les and here's to you catching the Ashmead 50 sooner rather than later.

I must also thank thank Moxy for continuing to bait our carp swims on the Exe whilst I've been elsewhere targeting Cats. Good ol' Mox; must have thrown in nigh on 10,000 boilies into the drink this season. Anyway, this brings me to the main subject of this post.

Last night I nipped down to the river to grab an hours carping; it must have been only ten minutes before my tutti frutti offering was eagerly lapped up. I imagened the river bed looking like someone had spillt a packet of skittels on the floor! With all the bolies that had gone in, the prebaiting had clearly paid off! So nice one Moxy lad.

The culprit turned out to be a very pretty fully scaled mirror, sorry no scales again but when they look like this who gives a rats!

So it would seem i,m now getting back amogst the fish and on a bit of a roll,a big catfish and a wild 30lb carp are still on my wish list so we,ll just have to see what happens next.

 Til next time tight lines

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