Wednesday 30 May 2012


Hello to all

I hope you all have been enjoying this spell of hot weather and catching plenty of nice fishes.I have once more  been in pursuit of them big ol catfish but again I suffered a fekin long blank, with all the options covered on three rods I didn't receive a single run in 2 days. Soul destroying stuff really after my previous cat trip also produced chuff all so yes I had a bit of a sulk.

I,m not about to burn all my cat gear and give up the chase but I really did need a distraction from all the serious session angling. I needed some no pressure fun fishing which to be perfectly honest is what our sport should be all about. As some of you may know the old spessy hunting game can be very cruel one indeed. Maximum efforts are all to often rewarded with nada, It can also be very expensive hobby but if I haven't already put you off I must say I do love it.

Me old mukka Dom Garnett suggested that I should try my hand at a bit of fly fishing.I should bring to your attention that Domanic has recently released his latest book- Fly fishing for course fish. Being a complete novice in the art of fluff chucking the book has been a real eye opener for me and it would seem that almost all of our course species can be tempted on the fly. For any angler looking for something fresh I would highly recommend the book.

My fly fishing adventure began on the beautiful Tiverton canal.The aim of the game was to try and catch my first fish ever on the fly. Dom soon spotted a pod of a few decent Rudd that were gliding around the salad looking like they up for a munch.With not much room for manoeuvre Dom made a ninja like cast seeing the fly land silently on the tail end of the small shoal.The fly was then slowly teased back when all of a sudden a fish swooped in and nailed it creating a lovely bend in the light rod we were using.This method of fishing is so visual making it very exciting stuff !.By the end of the day I had managed a perch and two small roach which I was more than happy with in fact I would say it was the perfect remedy to cure the spessy blues.

My next trip was again that of a fly fishing jaunt,This time me and Moxy were let loose to try and catch a few carp by presenting floating dog biscuits on the surface via the fly rod.We started of feeding a few mixers to see if anyone was home,We scattered a few patches around the lake before a corner started to show some life with a few fish tentatively inhaling the baits. Casting to the fish was a bit of a nightmare for a number of reasons. One being that myself and Mox are shit at fly fishing- the other being all the uncut vegetation surrounding the pretty pool we were fishing.

Moxy started off as we were sharing the one rod. He was casting to a group of fish around twenty yards away, After a few missed takes and tangles with all the bushes he was into a fish which bent the rod like it was made out of rubber.The reel was screaming as the culprit surged out into the middle of the pool. All the whilst Moxy was giggling in the manner of a school boy who's teacher had just farted.To some up the day we had a hoot and ended up tacking a few fish each on the fly tackle. As for the cats; I'm a gluten for punishment so I'm sure I'll have another crack soon ,Who knows I may even catch one?.

Til next time

Good luck

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  1. Classic stuff! Great to see you and Mox enjoying the fly fishing- and doing pretty well at it considering you're so new to it. Love that picture of the fish splashing at the net too :-)