Monday 19 November 2012


Hello to all

As you may or not know I am lucky enough to have a friend ( Del boy) who earns his living catching fish from the sea to sell to various restaurants and fishmongers etc. As a mad keen Pike angler this is very handy indeed, there's never a shortage of free fresh baits all thanks to good ol Del boys round the clock efforts so cheers mate!

This weeks adventure was guided by none other than than the man himself, for a long time now I have wanted to catch a Sea Bass. I have fished for them on a number of occasions but never have I succeeded. This time I was in the hands of a pro and the words " you will DEFIANTLY catch a bass " put a big grin on my face as we drifted out of the harbour into the morning mist for what sounded like a promising days fishing.

The mist soon burnt off the water making way for a blue sky and mild breeze, the water was flat calm making for very pleasant fishing conditions. Del suggested that we drifted on the tide to cover the water in our search for my first Bass, for bait he had sourced some absolute monster sand eels (what he calls a mans eel ) which would surly catch the attention of any prowling Bass.On our second drift Del hooked up and landed a lovely fish of around 2.5lbs. after a few more drifts Del had landed another 3 and I was starting to get a little hot under the collar. I was beginning to think I was the anti-bass, the fish could probably sense my anguish and desperation therefor avoiding my eel on purpose?.A ridiculous thought this may be? but I have often found that a bite is far less likely to occur when an angler is deep in thought willing a it to happen. once I began to relax and enjoy just being on the water on a unseasonably nice day in good company, that magical whack of my sand eel bait being set upon sent shudders down my rod and I lifted into my first of the species.

Fortunately it didn't come off and I slipped the net under a typically sized fish of  2.5lb, I was chuffed to have ended my jinx and Del boy had kept his promise.We carried on drifting and I even went on to catch another fish.Bass are a cracking species and I would love to catch a big one,there huge eyes and cavernous mouths make them a very efficient predator and a worthy target for any angler.


Job done!

Til next tme

Good luck

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