Friday 25 January 2013


Hello to all

Our country is turning whiter by the day, no the bnp has not had its way, I'm talking about all the snow that is covering old Blighty. Such cold conditions can make for tough fishing, (especially when you cant reach your chosen venue because of all the snow) however lots of great snow shots are popping up on the net and the weekly's which is nice to see. No snow shot for me tho; more like soggy cold shots but I must not complain as to get a shot you must first catch a fish.Talking of shots I watched Everton take on Southampton tutha night,our so called star striker Jelavic looked like he had never played before.The man couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo these days, Moyes needs to sort out his team selection and start dropping these floppers to the bench. I mean whats the idea behind starting that useless slug Naysmith week in week out? In fact what does he do for Moyes to get on that team sheet?... he certainly cant play football.

Back to the fishing now folks, as you know Pike are my number one target and really one of the only species that is viably worth targeting in such cold condition.I know a man who ignores such theory's and puts him self in some pretty un inhabitable cold places searching for winter Carp and Bream.Neil did a spot of river night fishing on his lonesome during sub zero temperatures, Such exploits arnt for the faint hearted and the fact that he doesn't use a bed chair makes the whole ordeal sound a bit savage to me?.Neils madness payed dividends as he landed a Bream of 10lb 7oz and a Common Carp of 24lb 5oz.

 Crackin bit of fishing from Neil there, I have landed some lovely Pike this week. Sport has,nt been easy to come by but a bit of venue knowledge, and the will to stand in the cold whilst its pissing down, has earnt me a few bites. It is always a good idea to try a variaty of methods to see what the Pike are really going for on the day.My last few sessions have really proved the importance of this,on a cold and genrally misrable day I was sat behind two dead bait rods genrally feeling pretty confident of them being munched.After trying a number of spots that I fancied a fish from I was fish less.Lure fishing was also proving to be a waste of time but I did have the option of catching a few livebaits.After snatching a few dace I returned to fish the swim I started the morning in,the first dunk on a free roving float rig got smashed in a matter of seconds,a plump low double being the culprit.The next unlucky dace took slightly longer to meet its maker but again the float buried as the livey was enthusieasticlly lapped up.

Pike can be fickle creatures,of course you will get days when every method scores but other times they are very fussy in what they eat and how it is presented to them.taking time to catch the bait can often be harder than catching the Pike them selves, not to disrespect the Pike but i'm sure alot of experienced Pike anglers would agree with me on that one.

I made myself some more luck on another trip, it was a mild morning of -1, I had all the options available in that I had already caught some live baits from the venue and had a nice selection of fresh deads at my disposal.again I felt confident that a dead would suffice and bring me some action from ol Esox,but it proved that the Pike wanted a moving bait on the day if this lump is anything to go by.

I thnk the picture says it all really?

one very happy Pike angler indeed, go out and make your self some luck this season.

Til next time

Tight lines

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