Friday 23 May 2014


Hello to all

These drawn out summer evenings are brilliant! the last few weeks have seen me on the banks almost every day.Mainly local, quick after work sessions on the lures but aside from that, I have also ventured down some steep rocky cliff paths in search of salt water action, a pursuit I rarely ( for some reason ) indulge in.

But firstly, let us not forget my Spanish lessons on the Segre.

As readers of this blog will know,I'm no stranger when it comes to Catfish and Carp; but the fact of it is I had never caught a really large sample of either species.The mighty Spanish river systems of the Segre and Ebro hold enormous creatrure's with the carp touching 70lbs and the Cats in at a bone crunching 240 plus!

If there was ever a place to catch a lump, this was it!

However such waters are not much like the rivers I have tackled here in the UK, oh no! The Segre is a daunting sprawl of river with widths of up to 600 yards and a flow that often requires 3lb of lead to hold bottom.Not the sort of place you would turn up to and fish blind so we opted to book a trip with the help of the good folk at Cat master tours.These guys are like the A-team of Wels hunter's and main man Colin Bunn has caught more giant fish than I've had hot dinner's so it was an easy choice when it came to choosing a guide.

A week long trip in the company of fishing buddy's Danny boy , Al the hurricane and pickle was exactly what the doctor ordered.I don't think I have ever had a week without life's needs and musts getting in the way of a such an angling binge.

The weather was hot,  and the lager's cool, as was our bitch for the week ( Ryan ).who gracefully put up with us lot, and didn't even mention the dead bird we scooped out the water,  then covered in that  carp goo crap and left on his bivvy table as an air freshener.But on a serious note all the guys at Cat masters are top lad's that do their up-most to keep you well fed, comfortable, and most importantly guide you to a fish of a lifetime.

over the course of the week we all had ton up catfish, as did our Swedish friends Henrick and Bo.It was a very social trip with us all pitched together sharing the runs lottery style.This is not essential as you are welcome to fish your own two rods, but by the end of the week it had only been 3 out of the 8 rods that did all the catching so if we were to have fished our own rods there would have been some rather sour looking faces on the journey home.

All the Cats fought like Demons with some of them beating us up a bit. After landing a 141lb fish I had bruises around my groin from digging the butt of the rod to gain more leverage against the heavy flow and a lump on the hook. Awesome stuff!

Aside from our target species we did a spot of feeder fishing and caught some cracking Roach. Zander also featured in our catch which were great fun on ultra light lure fishing tackle.

the majority of Carping was done from a boat which proved very use-full for exploring the many inaccessible ( from land ) area's the river had to offer, however the largest carp we had was caught from the bank. Al the hurricane destroyed his p.b with a strapping 38lb 2oz common so well done that man.

We all had a proper hoot and got some pb's smashed, if your thinking about a trip to Spain I can't recommend Cat master tours enough!Thank you Colin Ryan and Ash and big up Henrick and Bo Bo,We'll be over shoon to catch your pikes and zanders.

Til next time

Good luck

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