Thursday 12 June 2014


Hello to all

I hope you are out enjoying this glorious warm weather and catching a few fishes along the way.
Finally the world cup is here! lets hope England  go all the way and win it! but lest face it, there's more chance of catching a Great White from the the canal than that happening.

There is something else I have been quietly looking forward to and that is the opening of the new river fishing season.I took a stroll along my local bit of running water with my trusty dog to see if we could spot any fish and wet our appetite.

It was a boiling hot morning and having spent a long spell of my angling career on the river I had a good idea of where I might find a Carp or two. sure enough my experience  had proved me correct,the first location we visited held two carp.They both were only small fish maybe just touching double figures , I sat there watching them for around half an hour,both fish were feeding and the thought of doing a bob james was very tempting but I have never fished a river out of season and nor was I about to do so.

Only a few days now before we can enjoy the river's legally.

Fishing-wise I'm still firmly on the ultra light lure fishing, for all you reader's that prefer the big fish stuff don't worry I have a few trips for grande's locked in the near future.But for now I'm playing species hunter on the sprak bashing gear.

I'm now up to 13 species,with 9 of them coming from the sea.

Most of the mini species have been snared on Isome sections mounted on a 1-3.5g jig head,I love the look of these mini beasts that lurk beneath the rocks and kelps.Proper little monster's that are very aggressive biter's considering there small stature.

Lets hope I can add to my species list and also catch some big fish.

Til next time

Good luck

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