Tuesday 20 January 2015


Hello to all

Firstly let me wish you all a belated happy new year.

Massive gap in the posts again, sorry.... again!

 Its been a busy couple of months what with the lead up to Christmas, new years eve and all the jazz that goes with the festive season.But before all that I jetted myself off to Cuba for 3 weeks of fishing and relaxation....well that was the plan but it didn't go down like that at all,I did catch lots of fish and will post the pictures as soon as my buddy sends them over but the main high of being in Cuba was meeting so many top notch people and making some great friends.

Cuba is like no other country I have visited,communism and sanctions limit the people in what they can do and even where they can go, from what I experienced during my time there I would say its more of a dictatorship.However this does not stop the Cubans from making the most of what they DO have,truly amazing people! and trust me,there ain't no party like a Cuban party!

All good things come to an end and I soon found myself back amongst the grind of ol Blighty,my new years resolution  is to up my game and catch more fish.That's exactly what I have been doing and so far this month has been very fruitful

Lures,dead's,livey's.... I have been catching on all methods from a number of venues,Me and Pepe have so far concentrated our efforts towards the Pike on my local canal and have been rewarded with some cracking doubles,a couple of road trips with the boys have also proved very productive.Ultra light lure fishing yeiled Zander and Perch whilst a bait trip for Esox gifted me my first 20 plusser of the year on possibly the largest herring deadbait I have ever used.


Lets hope my luck continues

Til next time

go to Cuba!

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