Thursday 22 December 2016


Hello to all

I hope that you are enjoying all the recent content? with so much still to tell I have realised just how much time I spent by the waters edge last summer.
Before anyone assumes I am a full time angler I must digress that I also hold down a full time job, so picking the right conditions conditions and tides was rarely an option,in-fact I missed out on lots of good sea angling due to the fact I couldn't get the right area's when the fish were actually there.
A classic example of this was the great Plaice haul that went down in the south hams! my facepaint feed was full of smiling faces with good bags of the time I got there it was all over,17 anglers were all blanking on the same beach that produced littrally hundereds 24 hours ago.It was the same with the Ray fishing but that's the harsh reality of sea angling and most-forth that dreaded work thing.

Myself and Mox had a back up plan much closer to home to fill in the gaps between the sea angling.

We went halves on a shit load of discounted krill boilies and pellets with the idea of creating a restaurant on a forgotten area of our local river,after agreeing on a suitable spot we began a two week baiting campaign feeding a couple of kilo's over a fairly large area daily.

The first session started very slowly but as the sun went down one of the traps was sprung,I was into what felt like a good carp when out of the blue the other buzzer went into meltdown,Mox and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.After an epic tangle and a game of knitting with the rods we somehow both landed a carp each.

After a few sessions it was clear the fish were bang on the bait,we soon concluded that it was only necessary to fish short dusk sessions as the bites would often come in the first hour of a hook bait being in the water,they were either there or not, or maybe just too full. but I believe river carp to be greedy creatures that will not pass up a meal so I guess they were else where.Any way, more often than not there was a few fish in the restaurant.

 As long as we kept the bait going in they just kept on coming.

Til next time

Good luck

And merry fishmas

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