Tuesday 2 May 2017


Hello to all

So I'm back already......matter of days between posts,he must be excited.

Well I am;also knackered mind but that's what happens when you fish and work hard.As you will know the flavour of the month is definitely the old Raymond's.I don't quite know what it is about them that captures my attention so much but these guys are high up on the favourites list.

So After a week on the grind with no angling for 5 days I was going stir crazy,It was Friday at last.Me and Neil aka Randy Schliffe threw the tools to one side and pondered an impromptu trip to a local beach for the evening,I could see old Rand looked how I felt but I had a good feeling and decided to ignore my fatigue and the lure of the pub to go in pursuit of a Ray.
With the van rapidly loaded we made a quick stop off to grab some Bass and chips for dinner ( which were bloody delicious I must add ) Moments later we arrived at the beach,The sea looked beautifully calm and inviting.
With fish-baits being the order of the day I had packed some squid,a big Bluey,some Mackerel and Sand eels.
Rig wise I opted to fish a standard pulley pennell on one rod and a pulley dropper on tutha.Both made with long snoods around 3.5 ft to ensure Raymond doesn't sit on my gripper lead spikes and get spooked.With everything set I punched out the rods, one short at around 60 yards and the other as far as I could put it.

We still  had an hour or so until the top of the tide and from what I had gathered the venue fishes better on the ebb so it was a case of sitting back and waiting for the sea and the fish to do there thing.
I was enjoying just lying there relaxing for a moment,but It wasn't long before Rand and I started landing a procession of dogs.....they were really making us work hard.
After a couple hours of pure dogfish carnage It was becoming a bit of a chore baiting up time and time again but he who dares wins.... according to Del boy Trotter that is.
He wasn't wrong either....I was watching the blue tip-lights awaiting a tap tap from another pooch when to my amazement the pulley dropper fished long on a bluey and squid had been seized by our target species,the rod pulled down almost in slow motion before I grabbed it from the tripod.I wound down and leant into a satisfying weight,I could feel the fish pulling back hard and knew exactly what I was attached to.After a tense few minutes I had her close to the shore but she was having non of it and wanted to go elsewhere but with a bit of persuasion and a good wave I had her beached,flapping angrily in the light of my head torch there lay the prize I had worked so hard to get.

To say I was made up is an understatement,We didn't have any scales so couldn't get a weight on my first shore caught Small eyed but never mind.We stayed on for a couple more hours hoping for another but other than a small Huss and a few more Dogs that was to be it.

Next on the hit list is the Undulate,also the Smoothhound's will be running our coast in numbers in the not too distant so watch this space.

Til next time

Good luck