Monday 26 June 2017


Hello to all

In a time dominated by politics and news of horrific acts a grey cloud of uncertainty looms over myself and humanity as a whole! the tittle tattle of the election and all the bullshit on social media is getting right on my tits.As a species we are totally fucked! I don't mean Armageddon is round the corner......just that we are so unnecessarily complicated.One thing I am certain about is that I fucking love angling! the water is always there to offer us a degree of escapism.....The hunt continues,

Not a lot to shout about recently....not for the lack of effort mind!

The Bristol channel has been kicking my ass,I fished a session on a low water mark a few weeks back which ended up being a stern reminder of how harsh shore fishing can really be to ones inner Zen.upon arriving at the mark I was blinking knackered due to a week on the grind and a few to many cervaza's the night before,The wind was up way more than the weather man had told me but I decided to brave it,In all honesty I was that desperate to catch a Ray I would have fished no matter what,in my head I knew this was not going to be a walk in the park....I opened my rig wallet to grab a pair of pulley rigs when the whole lot was blown from my grasp sending the contents everywhere! I was flapping about like a madman trying to save my valuable rig bits whilst the dog just sat there with a bemused look on his face.I'm sure he was thinking what the hell are you doing bringing us here on a day like this you fool.

I just about got my act together along with a couple of baits in the water,an hour or so passed in which time my tripod had shit itself a couple to many times for my reels were caked in sand and I was beginning to feel that mother nature was repeatedly kicking me in the bollocks...however on that particular day I was too stubborn or some might say stupid to walk away from this procession of calamity's fish-less.

My first ever Turbot was my reward for staying calm and braving the shit winds,My next few trips on the channel were complete blanks,the weather was scorching hot but the fishing was cold as ice...other than that I have been scratching around on a few local marks catching a few fish here and there mainly on quick after work sessions.

Til next time

Good luck