Wednesday, 6 July 2011


 It was a Saturday morning and after going into work with a stinking hang over i decided that it was far to hot an i felt like poop,so i jacked in early an took Pepe for a stroll round the Exe ( if anything to clear my head of its heavy haze) during our meanderings we visited a few of my favourite carp haunts.I had carried some bait along with me to chuck into a couple spots (also used to bribe the dog into behaving ) as luck would have it a large carp drifted into the swim and started feeding enthusiastically on my free offering's.A hasty move to the car was made to grab a rod, matt and net.

Praying the fish had not gone far i approached the swim with a rod already made up.I looked through the sunlit water with the aid of polarising glasses.With no fish in sight my hook bait went out to the area it had been seen feeding on. Not long after i was into a decent common which threw the hook to my disappointment.Slightly peeved another bait went back to the spot.All of a sudden the bait runner was melting, I struck into a heavy fish that took me on a merry dance for what felt like an hour. ( more like ten minutes)

The next stroke of luck came in the form of a home less lad camped down by the river, he took the job as Gilley and netted the chunk for me.An did the honour of taking the photographs, overall a thoroughly bloody nice chap.

A real old looking river warrior,the result of some serious opportunist angling.Just goes to show you don't,have to be tucked away in a bivvy hours on end to catch a biggie,just be in the right place at the right time.After all that excitement i packed up and drove home with a big grin on my face.My hang over was cured!

well chuffed

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