Sunday 10 July 2011


At the moment the river Exe keeps pulling me back to its banks like a magnet. I cant escape it; weather it be daydreams of the huge mirror known to us as the 'Mother', or the feeling of whenever I have a spare bit of time I should be waterside feeding my addiction.

On a grey and miserable Friday evening myself and partner in crime (Moxy)  unsuprisingly found ourselfs on the banks of the generous river Exe. I quite fancied a nice big toothy pike. Whilst Mox set up shop in the hopes of banking his first river carp.
A couple of bite-less hours passed us by, then the calm was interrupted by the sound of a screaming clutch. Moxy scrambled his way to his rod and latched onto a very strong fish that bulldozed its way up and down stream in a bout of excitement and chaos. After a few hairy moments the fish started to tire and we soon had a cracking sample of a wild common lying in the net.

I never made it onto the scoreboard that evening but enjoyed seeing Moxy open his river carp account and was pleased to see the Exe offer us yet another gift.

                                                                               TAKE 2

Saterday morning,no work,no skating,hmmm...what could i do? by 10am i was peering into the depths of  yes, you guessed it, the river Exe. Accompanied by my trusty dog Pepe we soon spotted 3 decent fish,one being a mirror clearly pushing the 20lb mark, the other 2 strapping commons in the upper double region.

A quick call to Mox saw him join us bank side in the swim where I had made contact with the trio. We also quiver tipped maggots to pass the time and to gather a few baits to entice a croc or two later on in the day. No luck on the carp front but we now had a few pike baits in the live well, so we moved on to a different stretch in search of old Esox.

Again no action so we jumped back in the motor to drive to yet another location in the hopes that we could grab a decent fish or two as the light faded.

5 minutes at the new spot and Moxy was into a carp that fought like a demon on crack.To our amazement as soon as the fish was returned the pike rod slowly crept off upstream. To cut the story short the jammy git proceeded to land a solid mid-double pike to complete an amazing brace in the space of ten minutes!
A quality bit of angling by anybody's standard. Did I mention I chipped in with one dace all day!

With mox on fire and the river being so kind who knows what may happen next time. Maybe the 'Mother'.....just maybe.

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