Tuesday 1 November 2011


Although I have spent alot of my recent time predator fishing for pike and perch I have still been trickling a bit of bait into the Exe in the hopes of banking a late season river carp.

Today I had a couple of spare hours to get down to the river and fish my baited patch. The weather was unseasonably warm for November which saw myself and Matty (aka The Golden maggot) led down the track by my ridiculously naughty dog Pepe. (He knows exactly where he's going) The river looked in good nick with a bit of colour and no flood debris coming down stream to fowl the lines, (last week the Exe looked more like the Amazon!)

Two rigs were flicked over the bait with a dozen or so freebies scattered over each rod. Hook-bait wise I've recently (with great effect) been using something a little bit different in the form of garlic and cheese lumps from Sonubaits. Believe me these things absolutely ooze attractants and stink to high heaven! In the short time I have been using them I have taken numerous carp from the river and still waters as well as other fish such as chub and barbel. Today I tipped each bait with a micro pop-up to add a bit of waft and colour in the murky water.

About an hour into the session my daydreaming was disturbed by the sound of a screaming alarm.
I quickly hit the run resulting in a very satisfying resistance. The fish was very powerful and gave me one hell of a scrap. Thankfully after ten or so minutes I had tired the fish out allowing Matty to slip the net under her. Bingo a late season carp, I love it when a plan comes together.

Til next time

Be lucky

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