Wednesday 9 November 2011


I sacrificed Saturdays angling to watch the early kick off. Obviously an Everton match, which saw Moyes and the boys travel up the road to St James park to take on the ridiculously over achieving spawny gits Newcastle United. To sum up the game I wish I had gone fishing instead of putting myself through 94 minutes of frustration. Some classic Everton really; shit passing, missed chances and dodgy defending combined with a referee who's probably a life long Liverpool fan.
As you,ve probably gathered from this boring old rant we lost. My faith in Moyes is wearing thin!

On a lighter note the following day awoke to a glorious morning. There was not a cloud in the sky; not the best fishing conditions according to the old fishing handbook, but hey if we all waited for the so called perfect conditions to come along we would barely wet a line.
Anyway you get the picture you've gotta be in it to win it.

Pike fishing on the Exeter canal was the order of the day and the anglers were out in numbers taking advantage of this unseasonal pleasantness. I was joined on the busy banks by Nate and Ads who would also be spending the day pike fishing. Traveling light and roving was the plan of action.

After a slow start and 4 swim changes Nate tempted a small pike on a live bait.

We fished a few more swims before Nate had a stuttery take resulting in the fish coming off. However there were no signs of teeth marks on the bait. Although it was clearly picked up, perhaps a big perch was the culprit, but we'll never know.
As the light faded and temperature dropped I finally had a take. I hit the run straight away, thankfully the rod hooped over as I hooked into an angry pike that provided me with a great fight punching well above her weight.

Til next time
Be lucky

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