Saturday 19 November 2011


Finally a victory for the mighty but very dodgy Toffees! I had forgotten what a win felt like it has been that long. But my god I was relieved when Baines smashed in that pen to put us 2-1 up in the dying stages of the game, who knows we may go on a bit of a run now ( I hope!)

Last weekend myself and Neil reactivated the perch hunt. Around a month or so ago we were doing a fair bit of perch fishing but frankly our results had been piss poor. The day we took a break from the perch quest Neil landed a 28lb 3 oz pike. This somewhat side tracked us and pretty much all of my recent angling has been in pursuit of pike; after seeing the giant Neil landed I just had to get me one of those. Yes, I've been catching a fair amount of pike lately but the big girls have evaded me so far.

Anyway the heavy rods and trebles where put aside as I opted for some lighter more sporting tackle.
Big perch can fight very hard so a nice long match rod to cushion lunges and a reel loaded with 6 lb line is advised to give you a good bit of sport, but enough power to give 'em a bit back if needed.

We planned our attack around live baiting, worms and prawns alike make great perch baits but there are far too many carp in my chosen water for the perch to even get a look in. My baits were presented on a paternoster rig with the float on the surface for visual bite indication. I also employed the aid of a bite alarm when using this rig as I often get distracted, and bites can be quick and silent as I fish with an open bail arm to minimize resistance to a taking stripey.

To spice up the rig a bit I add a 28g Kamasan black cap feeder as the paternoster anchor and fill it with chopped worm and red wrigglers.This adds fodder fish attraction and scent directly beneath the live bait, simply deadly!

Not long after the baits went out Neil had an absolutely screaming take resulting in him landing a plump 2lb-er. 5 minutes later I was into a fish which also turned out to be another 2lb plus perch. A good start indeed!

The action grinded to a halt and we had to wait until last light for another bite, Neil had a take on a free roving bait but unfortunately pulled out of the fish. I landed another 2lb-er before we were forced to call it a day. The next morning we returned, the weather was alot more favourable with a dark overcast sky and a slight ripple on the water. Again early success was enjoyed. By midday I had captured 3 good perch (they all fought like little pit bulls) but the afternoon produced nothing.

As the lighted turned off the perch turned on and I was into another angry stripey which again broke the 2 lb mark.

Big perch fishing is by no means easy and I've put in a buttload of time trying to catch them suffering many blanks but sometimes things go right and the perch bite. As they gotta earn your stripes.

Til next time

Go catcha fish!


  1. Entertaining blog as usual mate- and lovely perch there. What autumn's all about eh?

  2. thanks Dom

    yeah, ya cant beat a good autumn stripey!