Thursday 21 November 2013


Hello to all

Readers of this blog may have started to think I have given up fishing?...... Oh no! I have still been on the chase, and catching a few but in my personal life I ain't been top of the pops so finding the motivation to write rather than capping fools on GTA has been a bit of a non starter. I cant imagine life devoid of angling, It has become far more than a hobby to me and more like a way of life. There are so many great things about angling but one that stands out for me is the fact that anyone can have a go. People from all different walks of life and classes participate in the sport, making the angler a very diverse creature indeed.

Unlike the fish we are all trying to catch humans are a very complicated species, some seem friendly and very approachable and others......well lets just say,don't. I have fished many waters which has led to me encountering all sorts of folk.One such that sits in my mind was a summers evening spin fishing on my local canal, I was roving the banks generally minding my own business,and catching bugger all when I walked past a father son duo that were float fishing ( badly ) and enjoying the weather,I said hello and asked if they minded me making a few casts to a over hang that wasn't really even in there swim, shiiit I was just being polite, the lad said no problems and father made a grunt so I proceeded to chuck the lure about when the lad asked if I could help them a bit? why not I thought.I gave them some advice and set up his float correctly and went on up the toe path feeling that my good deed may yield a fish or two....Wrong!

Ten or so minutes passed before a car came screeching up behind me,the lads father proceeded to flop out the vehicle clucthing a flippin crow bar. He was slumping his way towards me literally foaming at the mouth, the bemused look on my face sparked a pleasant response."gimme my lads fackin phone back or I'll open your head up". I tried to reason with the guy as obviously I hadn't taken the phone but he was having non of it.Yeah I'm a Mersey-sider but this took the piss! I could see this dude was fuming and the possibility of coppin an unfortunate one led me to make a quick decision to ditch the landing net,dodge fatty and proceed to do my best impression of Husein Bolt  in a bid to get to the main road. Did I make it? of course I did lol, he even drove past me shouting out the window that I'm dead the next time he See's me.

Any way the point I'm trying to make is that through angling I have met some pretty colourful characters,the like minded-ness and love for the sport has also formed some good friendships.I,ll stop spouting now and talk some fishing, as you may have seen in my last blog post I have been doing a spot of Barbel fishing.I finished my short stint as a Barbel angler with an absolute corker of a fish.

At 11lb 13oz I had struck gold,here in Devon these creatures are as rare as rocking horse droppings.Needless to say I was very chuffed.On other exploits we have been targeting predators from a number of waters.

Its Pike time now so watch this space.

Til next time

Wrap up warm and good luck