Wednesday 14 October 2015


Hello to all

What can I say..... no blog for 2 months,that's a bloody poor show! since I last wrote on fish tales allot has happened in my angling life.As I mentioned in my last couple of posts,I fished my way to the final of the Fox Rage salt water British lure angling championships.To cut the story short I ended up taking the trophy and a £500 prize package to which I donated to get hooked on fishing.On the day I managed to tempt 14 species which clinched me the podium finish.The highlight for me was catching a rare leopard spotted goby,I love Goby's.

On another LRF trip I caught myself a small Coalfish Which brings my ultra light lure caught tally to 34 species.Im sitting here struggling to think how to write up 2 months of angling,its been a busy day at work and the thought of looking at the computer all night is not  a good one so I will keep things brief and let the pictures do the talking for now and try to keep things a bit more regular in the future.

I have been spending an awful amount of time hanging around various coastlines having a great time learning about sea fishing.Catching fish from the shore gives me a real buzz and sense of achievement.A few of my other coarse fishing pals have also caught the sea fishing bug but that's not to say the freshwater predators wont be targeted when it gets a bit colder but for now every fish from the sea is a result and to say I am enjoying it would be an under statement. 

A stand out moment would have to be a session on Budleigh Salterton beach that I spent in the company of Ty and Pepe,we opted to fish a quick evening session in the hopes of getting a few bites,I really wanted to catch my first flat fish as I had heard there had been some nice Plaice being caught in the area but the worm baits I put out for the flatties were to much for the hordes of pouting and whiting to resist.

The evenings draw in far to quick for my liking, it was soon dark and we were running low on bait which led me to sack off a rod and switch the remaining over from a worm flapper to a pulley pennell with one of the bait stealing pout as the bait, after-all we all know where there are concentrations of bait fish the predators wont be far behind,plus the fact I was fishing after a few days of harsh onshore winds which often sees the larger fish move close in to feed on the freebies left buy the sea's rough conditions.
An hour or so passed and we were now at the top of the tide,despite it being spot on for a big ol Bass I was feeling hungry and decided that I was going to do one,after a quick natter with Ty I walked over to my rod and it gently nodded twice.I wound down to inspect the enquiry and the rod started to bend and bend and bend some more until it was at the full test curve.I stared to howl at Ty to get the head torch as a heavy fish took off in the surf towards Exmouth.My thoughts were that of a donkey Bass,but when I eventually hauled it to land we were all gob-smacked at what laid on the beach.

My first Cod 15lb 8oz,I was one happy angler and one jammy git to boot! looks like the fish has had a close call with a seal by the looks of its tail.  


Til next time

Good luck