Wednesday 11 February 2015


Hello to all

With January gone in what felt like the blink of an eye I'm beginning to think this year will be done before I even know it. My angling diary is already looking very busy,Which is a good thing but it highlights how little time in life there is to do the thing's we all love,but on a good note the evenings are becoming increasingly lighter and we will be soon feeling the warmth of spring.

I have not the time to wait for warmth an fair weather,as I am what you may call an angling addict;I need to be waterside at least a couple times a week be it a session or a quick chuck of lures. plus the fact we've finished Sons Of Anarchy and True Detective,so now I'm bored shitless of watching  movies and playing video games an other mundane things we all do to pass the time of a winters evening.

It may be cold and dark out there but the fish don't mind and there still in the water for those willing to brave such situations. LRF has been the key to beating the boredom,

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term LRF this means light rock fishing,an art that is rapidly growing in popularity along with the ultra light lure fishing and dropshotting.The aim of the game is to use super light tackle and small lures to target the many types of small fish that live around our coastlines.Trust me this is great fun and often throws up a surprise or two.

A quick Dip on a slack tide did Me and Neil a bite a chuck,Micro fry or small curly tales on 2g jig heads were being smashed up by the Pollock that were shoaling in a dockland taxi channel, on a 1-8g finesse rod these little sprack's proved to be fine sport.

On another recent trip to the sea I caught the smallest fish I have ever had on a lure,come to think of it he may be the smallest fish I have ever caught on rod and line full stop.The Pollock Were not there in numbers this time so I scaled right down to a tiny piece of Isome mounted on size 10 1g jig head to target the mini beasts that can be found tight into the grooves of the steel piles that hold the place together,after a few fruitless drops I received the lightest of plucks, a gentle lift was made and I had caught a fish.Me or Neil neither knew what it was but a quick look on tinternet confirmed I had caught my 24th species on a lure,that being an epicly  small Sand Goby.

Aside from the lure fishing another trip up the M5 in search of them Zander was made,unfortunately I did not have much luck.The freezing cold conditions and ice in the margins may have had something to do with that but never the less we held on well into dark as the day had produced chuff all.

As you can see from the photo above we didn't blank, Danny had a pb Zed of 7lb's on the nose, I also managed to get one too.Not the monster I have been dreaming of but non the less the target species.

Til next time

Good luck