Wednesday 11 January 2017


Hello to all

Happy new year to all my readers

Another year bites the dust,I cant believe its 2017.
I can remember the millennium celebrations as if it were yesterday,twatting around as a yoof drinking cheap cider on the streets...some proper jumpers for goal posts shit but 17 years later here we are.Time certainly flies and 2016 was no exception.

My slack attitude on last years blogging still leaves us with much to catch up on so lets go back to the Autumn,a great time for fishing for my most treasured species, the mighty Perch.
It would be fair to say that nearly all of my limited time has been dedicated to chasing the stripes,I just cant seem to get my pike head on at all, but then again who cares as long as enjoyment is paramount.

Anyway,The perch is a very versatile fish indeed.It lives in many environments and can be caught on loads of different baits and methods but perhaps the most exciting way of catching them is to lure fish.Myself and old Mox have been doing exactly that,we must have chucked more rubber at em than a bouncy ball factory!

We targeted an 80 acre lake that has recently opened a boat rental service for those wanting to fish for perch using lure fishing tactics.The lake reaches depths of 35 ft has a huge head of silver fish and lots of underwater humps and troughs,oh yeah and no Pike...pretty much the perfect place for old peter the perch to do some serious munching.We had some great fishing but we had to graft,it wasn't just a case of  random drifts and pub chucking lures here there and everywhere......we tried that but it didn't work.
Time was spent exploring using the echo sounder to pin point bait fish shoals and underwater features that perch would be drawn to.Once we had cracked that the results started to improve! one afternoon we found a very productive area where Mox whipped out a trio of 3 pounders and a 4 in the space of an hour or so I chipped in with a good 3 and a few sprats but Mox was on fire that day.

Other than the lure fishing I have also been sniffing around a few commercials,mainly when the conditions were to unstable for the boat fishing.But still,there's something nice about sitting round a quiet pond for a few
hours,here are a some crackers that had a taste for roach.

Til next time

Good luck