Monday 10 November 2014


Hello to all

My have things changed since my last blog post, the last time i put fingers to keys it was boiling hot and light til 10pm....not any more you, can feel winter is on its way. Plus I have a few days afloat on Chew this week so its bound to proper shite it down, not that I'm a pessimist but being prepared for the worst can offer us a bonus if it doesn't right?

My ultra light lure rod is still firmly glued to my hand,I even managed to qualify for the B,L,A,C ( British lure angling championship) final's that were held at Chew valley.

After failing to qualify locally on the Exeter canal and River Tone I had one last chance to fix that,a long drive up to Peterborough to fish Ferry meadows was my last option,since fishing the other qually's I had learnt alot about the art of lure fishing so my confidence was  higher.I had never fished or seen the venue before arrival  but what I did know was that the lake had a big head of Perch.whilst spying on the other competitors I noticed the bulk of them were throwing large plastics and spin baits targeting Pike and Zander.

my plan was to fish tiny shads ( micro fry or 1 inch kopyto's on 1-3.5 g jig heads to target the shoals of small Perca's, it seemed me and my partner for the day Rick Mitchell were the only ones doing this.From the off I was into sprak sized perch and was soon filling the catch form,I also netted a bonus jack which put me in good contention to qualification.

I finished the competition in 2nd place which I was really pleased with,first place eluded me by 1 cm,the winner being Asia Davies with a catch of 6 jacks which just pipped me to the podium.

for me the final was a complete contrast of ferry medows,I went big and even bigger! in the hopes of a donkey Pike.I wasnt at Chew to win the compition,sure it would be nice to be crowned champion but the calibre of lure anglers that I was up against would surly not let such a thing the fact I have been lure angling all of 6 months, if I were to win such a title I think I would feel a bit stupid.

Anyway I blanked like a gooden,but still it was nice to be involved in such a great event.I must thank Julian Chidgey for his hard work , vision and organisation.Plenty other lure exploits have gone on including some double figure pike on the ultra light which is always fun.

the species count is now up to 20 with the recent capture of lure caught roach and rudd. With a bit of thinking and the right lures it seems that most coarse fish can be tempted through the use of artificial's

Til next time

good luck