Sunday 2 March 2014


Hello to all

Well let me first apologise for the lack of blogging

 Its not that I haven't been fishing.....oh no, I have been  fishing but I have also been a lazy bastard when it comes to writing about such activity's.Well I have realised the error of my ways and after 3 years of work it would be a shame to let Fish tales become one of those flash in the pan blogs, so here go's.

As you may know I'm a big fan of predator fishing, you just cant beat the sight of a big Pike tail walking or the beuty and pluck of the Perch.Over the last couple of months my fishing time has been spread between the two species.I have been targeting a few commercials for the Perch but the Pike have had me trailing all over the place,Chew Valley reservoir and the Mighty river Wye to name a couple, but for me to write about such sessions in detail would be a bit of a long post and more like a small book.Taking such a long break from the writing has left to much for my brain to process so lets ease back into my exploits through a series of photographs.

Til next time

Good luck