Monday 18 May 2015


Hello to all

Well what can I say? I have failed you on the regular blog updates.

Anyway since we last spoke I am pleased to say a shit load of fish have been caught by myself and my chums,I am struggling to know where to start as I have no shortage of material,so I will keep it brief and more of a catch report in gallery form.

I blame the release of Battlefield Hardline and the fact of there simply not being enough hours in the day to keep everything running smoothly.



It was screaming reels at Todber manor,I fished for the carp with a boiley only approach whislt Mal fished loads of pellet for an all out cat assault,the lake was very kind to us producing 33 catfish to 42 04 and 5 carp to 26 02.Malk had 28 of the cats mind, but I took all the carp and 5 slightly unwelcome cats to 30lb.Hella session!



I'm still loving the finesse fishing,my lure caught species list now sits on 31,

recently I have been experimenting with some new methods,well new to me.Whilst HRF fishing I have been using the jika rig and Texas rigs to present weedless slugs deep down in the rough stuff where the Ballans hang.

As allot of you will know these things go like stink and when hooking into them its a real hit and hold affair,this style of fishing has really got me going.Exploring new territory and climbing some proper dodgy terrain all adds to the excitement, especially when you finally find that special gully you just know screams Wrasse.

Til next time

Good luck