Thursday 28 January 2016


Hello to all

Firstly let me wish all my readers a very belated happy new year, tight lines and all that shit.

So a new year begins! on a brief reflection of last years angling exploits I suppose its fair to say I had a pretty good One.I taught myself more about sea angling than I would ever thought,I must also thank the likes of Jon Patten, James Nichols and Del boy Thorman for showing me the ways and a good few tricks to get me onto a flying start!

Its been a long time (again) since I last updated fish tales,I,m beginning to sound like a broken record! what can I say.....I have been busy.As I said in my last post, Perch Pike and Zander are at the top of my hit list right now.So I took almost a month off work over Christmas Which allowed allot of fishing time,far to many trips to write about but lets just say I went on a bit of a hot streak and bagged myself some cracking fishy Christmas presents.

Til next time

Good luck