Monday 24 April 2017


Hello to all

Been a while again folks but if I'm honest I have not had much to talk about unless your interested in Dogfish?
anyway we'll touch more on that later but travel back to February and early March where it was still a bit dingy and cold.As readers of this blog will know,I am a full on Perch pervert and spend a lot of my free time in the winter chasing these feisty little critters,This one has been no exception.

With my time being severely limited due to work and a social life the results have been good.Myself and Mox have clocked up a number of  3 up specimens,The highlight being a 4lb Corker to Mox.

With the season drawing to a close we had a gap in the weather which allowed us one last dabble on the rezzi,upon arrival the water looked a bit lumpy....Mox gingerly announced that he had forgotten the Kylie Minogue (drogue) "FFS" I replied.
Undeterred we hit the water and headed straight to a hot spot we had previously marked,I decided to go with a larger lure than I usually use ( 4 inch black Fox pro-shad) to couple with a heavier jig head (20g) as we were speed drifting and the wind was rather blowey.On the first drift I had a big bang as I lifted the lure to skip bottom I wound down and proceeded to do battle with a decent fish, the arc of my lure rod was oh so satisfying.

At 3lb 8oz I was a happy man,shortly after returning her the weather took a turn enabling us to fish far more effectively.we caught fish on a number of methods that day including drop-shotting and vertical jigging on a slow drift,the fish were of a decent stamp too! mainly 2lb ers but old Mox did it again with a brace of 3's during last knockings....well in mate!

So about them Dogfish.....

Now that we are getting a slight sneak preview of summer my attention has been firmly drawn to the ball breaking but very enjoyable pastime that is beach-casting.I am completely obsessed with it at the moment!
Hell bent on catching a Ray from the east Devon coast line myself and Neil aka Randy Schliffe have been burning the candle at both ends.After work trips (on a school night ) into the early hours of the morning are becoming common,the pursuit of a fish from the sea is so exciting yet so difficult.Our by-catch so far has included as many doggies as you could shake a stick at,Bull Huss,Conger (both from clean beaches funnily enough)Smoothhound and Pout.Nothing to make the headlines but I am loving it none the less and those Rays will come sooner or later....just a case of sticking to it and wading through the pooches.

Til next time

May the Ray come and play