Monday 14 July 2014


Hello to all

this months fishing has been very different to the last, its been a very busy month and I am pleased to say that I have caught a number of species with some reaching what is deemed as specimen proportions.Some say that variety is the spice of life,now I do tend to agree with that somewhat, but if you are addicted or in love with something, or maybe someone; it can be hard to look beyond that and see what else is out there.

Many angler's fall foul of pursuing only one type of fish, and even limiting themselves to one method in extreme cases.I have been doing a spot of still water carping lately and the amount of " I only fish for carp mate " is shocking in my eyes.Some of these Carp water's have allot more than a 30 plus carp to go for but it seems the one tracked mindedness of some are willing to completely over look alternative pleasures.

I'm not knocking such people, as it is completely up to them how they get their kicks but I personally like to fish a variaty of waters and find fresh challenges when it comes to mine.

I have been doing a bit of  brushing up my carp skills and putting some of the new Edges range to the test on a very pressured water not to far from home.
drop off in-line system with 3oz leads to an 8 inch length of 15lb reflex tied knot-less knot style to a size 6 ssbp snared me 4 stunning carp to 21lbs, snow man hook baits over a light scattering of cell boileys was all that was needed to trip them up.

Running water adventures have also proved fruitful, my first session of the season gifted me a specimen chub of 6lbs 8oz,Devon ain't exactly big chub central so to say I was rather chuffed would be fair.3 others over the 5lb mark have also graced my landing net,one fish was so feisty he kicked off whilst I was unhooking him leaving a barbed size 4 jammed right into my middle finger under the nail itself. Fair play I thought, after all I had just dragged the fella out of his watery home by his lips!.A four hour wait in A&E was my punishment for doing so.

I must thank my mate Del boy for taking me out smoothy fishing the other night,
Whilst talking about a rock mark I have been LRF fishing recently he informed me of resident Conger eel, Bull huss and even a run of pretty smooth hounds " really" was my reaction. "yes Chrissy" he replied,
 I love sharks and have never caught either a Huss nor a smoothy. Del promised me both and if there's ever a fisherman that I can count on its Del,after-all man catches fish to live.

A couple hours of night fishing from a small boat was enough to catch numerous hard fighting smoothy's to around the 5lb mark  plus the cutest little bull huss,
 job done! all the fish were caught on basic running ledgers with a long trace of 30lb amnesia to a long shank 1\0 sea hook baited with fresh peeler crab.

unfortunately I left my camera behind but there will always be a next time.

Big up Mox and Mario for qualifying for the British lure fishing championship finals,good effort lad's you both deserve it.

Til next time

Try something different, and most importantly enjoy your fishing