Thursday 9 February 2012


Hello to all

Today myself and Ty decided to make another trip down to the generous river Exe.We  met up at 7.30 am, and being greeted with some bitterly cold weather we decided to have a crack for some pike. The temperature was minus 3, so It was unlikely much else would be feeding anyway.

I had picked out a nice selection of good sized mackerel and herring baits courtesy of good ol' Del boy the fish monger. Tactics for the day were kept very simple, employing simple running rigs with the bait fished resting on the bottom. We agreed to fish lottery style and take turns hitting runs. To be honest, we were not really expecting much. Then the alarm started screaming at us! I made it to the rod first as Ty was making us both a cup of tea.

I grabbed the rod and wound down tight. The rod hunched over as I set the hooks, commencing a decent battle with some proper drama on the surface towards the end of the fight! As the fish was lifted from the water we noticed it was only hooked with one solitary treble, right in the middle of the top jaw. The result was a lovely upper double weighing 19lb 12oz. Her head looks very small compared to the body I think? Anyway a great start to the session.

I felt a little bit guilty about the capture as the first run was meant to be Ty's, but he was off the rods so I took it. The fish would have smashed Ty's pb of 16lb 5oz, so it was a small shame, but who knows what the next run would bring?

After a stint of chain tea drinking Ty was called into action with another stinker of a take. It was clear from the bend in the rod that he was attached to another fat lady! Ty played the fish well, taming some wild lunges in the margins. After a solid fight I slipped the net under a donkey of a pike and hauled it up onto the bank.

She ripped the scales round to 22lb 12oz! Just look at the size of her head compared to my fish.
A new pb for Ty and a great looking fish so well done mate! After she had gone back we joked about how I did not have to feel guilty any more.

We also had a fish of around 16lb that went straight back,The river has once again provided us with some terrific sport.Our luck seems to be in so lets hope one of us lands the grande mamma soon.

Til next time

Have fun on the banks

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