Monday 16 April 2012


Hello to all

 Sorry for the lack of blogging  folks, the old computer machine has been playing silly buggers but it seems to be OK now ( I hope ) As I write this piece I am still rather vexed about crashing out of the FA cup.The first half was great with a solid performance from the Blues whilst the redshite looked splendidly ropey. Everton went into the break 1 nil up thanks to a complete balls up from reds central defence but then the favour was re payed when Distan got  caught napping by that bucked toothed cheating racist Louie Suarez allowing him to equalise sending Everton into a state of panic.Then just as I was saying how useless Andy Carroll was, Bellamy bounced a cross off the back of his thick head into the goal winning the game for the scum. Pure filth!,I didn't sleep well that night enduring horrible nightmares of Gerrard and the gang cackling  away like a bunch of evil little goblins.

Any way whilst the computer seems to be working I better let you know whats been going on in my fishing world.I have been quite busy on the banks with quite a few little shotgun sessions mainly targeting the friendly but sometimes very tricky carp. By shotgun session I mean short trips with minimal gear allowing the discerning carp angler to up-sticks and go in search of the fish rather than sitting in a peg all day with everything but the kitchen sink and a dry net.

Bait-wise I have been catching most of my fish on ( I hate to say it ) Mainline Cell boiley's.Don't get me wrong I don't have any issue's with Mainline or any of there products for that matter, its just that I have always joked with my angling friends that I would never jump on the Cell bandwagon. Curiosity if anything saw me shelling out for a kilo, And from what I have seen so far they are like crack to carp. Aside from that I have also had some joy using Zig-rigs. A method I don't use nearly enough but my confidence has really grown in them Which is a big factor in the armoury of any angler.

Aside from the Carping I made a trip out with my Dad and Angling pal Jimma to drown a few pints of maggots.We gave the silvers a proper feast with Jim throwing melon sized balls of ground bait in to feed off all the little fish in order to get to these.

The heavy gear will be coming out of the cupboard soon as I have plans to go pussy whippin.Yes I know that sounds a bit dodgy but I am referring to the enigma that is the Wels catfish. Lets just hope them cats are on the munch.

Til next time

Have fun on the banks

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