Wednesday 24 July 2013


Hello to all

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine and catching plenty of fishes, I for one certainly have. Sorry for the lack of posts but my flippin computer went loopy,Whilst unable to write a blog I have fished quite a few sessions targeting Carp. Mostly quick over-nighter's on the main lake at Anglers paradise and a small pressured water closer to home. I'm pleased to report that I have been catching steadily whilst experimenting with all sorts of methods and presentations. Aside from Carp I ventured way out to sea with my pal Julian Chidgey in search of my first Shark; but that's a whole different story so we will leave it for now.

Fishing just off the pads ( locked up ) with little solid bags has proved very effective at Anglers paradise, not a method for the faint hearted tho; takes are like giant Barbel Hits and the first few seconds of the fight are crucial in that you must not give the carp an inch (until it is clear from danger) when snag fishing.The mainline I am currently using is 20lb breaking strain which is perfect for this method of angling, after all we don't fish to lose em or potentially leave the poor old Mr carp trailing a rig do we?

on my last session I found myself in a rather tight little swim with the perfect opportunity to use the washing line technique. To my left ran a very thick weed bed which consumed 10 or so metres of the margin.On the end of the weed there was a over hanging tree, which had blocked the suns rays leaving a lovely little hole in the snot as a result of this. After dropping the rig in by hand I fed 5 good hand fulls of pellet and chops and felt very confident that I would not have to wait long for a diner to arrive at my stealthy little Carp restaurant.The trap looked perfect as was the weather,I slept under the stars that night which is always nice I find. At around 3am the washing line shot out the clip as the trap was sprung, the fish shot straight out of the margin into the open water.Immediately I could tell it was only a small fish and after a lot of plopping around I had a lovely little black common of around 2lbs at a push.Oh well at least the trap had worked.On another session I caught my first Grass Carp and a lovely Golden Tench of 5lbs 2oz.

I have also netted some stunning fish for mates, Dan Price joined me for a session at Anglers Paradise where he landed 3 pristine Mirrors. Myself and Ty enjoyed a 6 fish catch on a quick 12 hour night session, for a proper write up on that session please visit www. adriotangler.blogspot 

The shark fishing trip was awesome! We set out of a small harbour near Falmouth at around 6am and spent the whole day drifting at around 10 miles off shore, I loved the whole process of Shark fishing and cant wait to get back out. Any way I hooked and landed a Decent 80lb plus Blue Shark on a heavy 10ft 3lbtc spinning rod and a Stratos 10000 bait runner loaded with 30lb Horizon braid,The fight ( which was filmed on deck and under water) was electric and really tested myself and the tackle in a very painfully pleasing manner.

There is more Sharking in the pipe line, myself and Jules hope to capture enough footage to put together a short film so wish us luck.

Here is a little teaser 

Til next time

Good luck and don't forget the sun cream !

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