Monday 9 January 2012


Don't worry folks no dodgy Everton rant opener, this time I'll get straight into some fishing business.
I am still focusing all my attention towards predator fishing at present. Spring will soon be here and the prospect of some serious carp and tench fishing on the canal is one I'm very much looking forward to!But for the moment whilst the temperature is that of a cool one, stripes and teeth take priority over other species in my angling calender, so lets talk pike and perch.

I made a trip to another one of Devon's many commercial waters in search of a big stripey. I remembered reading in the paper that a 3lb 4oz perch had been caught during a match. Old news yes, but I couldn't help wondering if it was still there. A quick phone call to the fishery owner was made in hopes of him helping me out a bit, unfortunately he did not know too much about the perch as he has recently taken over the fishery.

It is always exciting fishing for perch on a new water. Thoughts of a giant were on my mind but first the task of grabbing some live ones for my hook bait. First drop of a single maggot on a size 18 snared a small roach and I caught 5 more good baits on the same maggot. It was very obvious this pond was full of bait fish which is a good sign when looking for perch fishing venues. I flicked my bait towards an overhanging marginal bush, not far from the spot I had gathered them from. As I settled down for a brew, the line was pulled free from the clip as a perch nailed the roach hookbait. After spilling my tea everywhere I was soon guiding an angry perch towards my waiting net. A fish of around a pound was the greedy culprit and a few more similar sized fish graced the bank but no monsters or any over the pound mark for that matter.

Next on the cards was a social session with regulars Ty and Moxy. A very mild Sunday saw us roving the Exe with hopes of a decent pike or two. The river was still carrying a lot of water from last weeks heavy rain.To be honest I was not very confident when we arrived to a raging torrent but a stinky dead bait may just grab us a fish.
The action arrived when Ty's rod hooped over, the run was hit and the rod kept bending. After a cracking tail walk and some powerful dashing the pike was subdued and ready to be chinned out the drink. Baaym! a pb pike for young Ty. Unfortunately the scales where left in the car but considering Ty had not landed a double before this fish was most definitely a pb! so well done Ty lad!.

Some more of the urban areas of the river were also explored by us. I noticed the sheer number of cormorants dwelling the upper regions; they must be going through a lot of silver fish.With itchy feet we made our way to yet another spot on the Exe where some hectic action was enjoyed. Ty was in again but this time the fish threw the hooks and escaped. Ten or so minutes later Both mine and Moxy's floats buried; I had never experienced a double take whilst pike fishing up until then.

As luck would have it my fish turned out to be the bigger of the two.It took a liking to a herring fished of the bottom under a large float. Moxy's fish fell to a mackerel tail fished hard on the deck. The crocs were seriously having it but we decided to leave them to go about there business. Satisfied with the action we headed off to yet another spot where we fished until sundown. No more action but we did see a big fish roll on the surface that looked to be a barbel. I know the barbel are spawning on the Exe as my dad has caught small ones from the upper reaches of the river. I once lost one of around 7lbs a few years ago whilst carp fishing and I think the river will soon throw up a double figure barbel. Maybe someone has already caught one? Anyway a great day for all of us. Good times!

Til next time

Be lucky!


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