Thursday 5 January 2012


Happy new year to all my friends and readers. I hope 2012 brings good things and big fishes to us all!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently I have had a busy December with not much time for any proper angling sessions, however, I have sneaked a few quick trips and banked some nice fish. I had my first taste of reservoir pike fishing at Durleigh in Bridgewater, unfortunately it was a bit of a sour one due to a string of calamities and savage weather. Neil the eel has been doing a bit of damage there with a few doubles under his belt this season.

Another pike related occurrence of December was again one I would like to forget.
It was a miserable day on the Exe, the water was rushing down the river at pace, boiling and stirring with the colour of a chocolate milkshake. I hooked up a large herring, sent it out to the spot and waited.
2 hours later my alarm beeped once and my line went slack; as the bobbin hit the deck I hit the bite.

'Oh shit Neil I think this is the one we're after' I said whilst playing what I knew to be something special. Moments later the hooks pulled leaving me quite distraught; one of those dramatic-dropping-to-your-knees-and-screaming-to-the-skies moments; anyway you get the picture.

Aside from pike, I had a quick perch fishing trip employing my usual tactic of paternosterned live baits fished tight to a feature. The session started of very slowly, not even a single take during the morning which is very strange on this particular water. A change of swim was in order, I decided to pack up my second rod and go searching for the perch.

The first swim I tried produced a lovely perch which took my live bait before I could put the rod down in its rest. The little bugger gave me a great scrap on my light set-up, really testing the tackle before I slipped the net under him.

The roving approach led me to more stripey action with similar results take-wise, in that the bites came within a minute or two of the bait being in the water. This led me to believe the perch were all laid up, not actively on the feed but with a bait dropped right on there noses, how could they resist? A wise move which paid off on the day.

As for the new year I have a few things on my wish list: A wild 30lb carp from the Canal is a realistic target that's going to require some serious work. I never maneged a huge catfish last year after losing a mamba at emperor lakes, I only managed them to double figures so I'll be after a giant slug as soon as the weather warms up. Oh and that my beloved Everton pull their fingers out and start playing in a manner that's at least vaguely entertaining, rather than the agonising shite we've endured thus far this season. I mean come on, even the games we have won have been by that of a miracle and where the hell are Royston Drenthe and Ross Barkley hiding at? Come on Moyes sort it out!

Til next time

Good luck

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