Wednesday 17 May 2017


Hello to all

Unfortunately I have felt the need to take a few days of work,my back is and knees are sending me a rather painful message to slow down for a bit.....bloody right an all I can barley pull a sock on let alone go plastering or fishing......uffff I hate being out of action stuck indoors whilst all the while I just want to be next to some salt-water casting a few baits,it really drives home how for granted I take able bodied-ness! any way I have had a few needles pushed into the pressure points at the old giroprachtor's and thankfully things are beginning to ease......I wont be entering any gymnastic competitions any time soon but hey.

On a brighter note I had a very busy weekend angling so enough about my battered bones......after the capture of the Thornback's last weekend we decided to hit the channel again, but this time the target would be small eyed ray from a different mark.Myself ,Sensai Collingridge, Big H and Pepe Headed up the M5 all buzzing at the prospect of a few Rays.We made a quick stop of at West coast tackle to pick up a few bits and bend Craig Butler's ear.....who was more than helpful so cheers buddy.Next came the obligatory trek to the mark which the dog enjoyed but the rest of us that were lugging heavy items of tackle found it a bit less pleasant.
Being predominately a low water mark we had jumped the gun a bit as the tide still had a lot of water to shed before we could comfortably cast over the boulders onto the sand,we weren't in a hurry mind so we took our time setting up whilst enjoying the sun and surrounding's.
I made a few casts with just a lead to check if I could make it onto the clear ground,after successfully retrieving the lead a few times I clipped on the baited pulley did the boys.

 I didn't take long for the pooches to home in on the juicy fish baits,we were hauling from the off .I had two on a rig at one point....proper tricked me into shouting Ray on!Thankfully once the tide had fully receded they seemed to bugger off for a while.We scooted our tripods down with the tide and it wasn't long before Tom connected with a decent fish....

Excited as ever I made my way to the water's edge hoping it was Toms Small eyed,upon grabbing the leader a pair of wings flapped up in the muddy water...."You've got it" I shouted back.

Two target species in two trips isn't bad uh? "on a roll boys" I looked up to notice one of my lines had gone slack.....I clambered my way to the rods to checkout the enquiry which turned out to be a small Conger....bloody thing tricked me into thinking I had a Ray.

Soon enough the tide was quickly on its way back in, forcing us to retreat up the boulder's; which is a bit of a chore and not for the average pleasure angler.As tide and time pushed we were not catching anything... it was getting close to calling it a day but not before both myself and big H hooked into good fish....I lost mine about a minute or so into the fight, all the while H looked like he was hooked into a monster! " keep reeling!!!" I pleaded.... by this time I was already in the drink trying not to break my ankles amongst the boulders. after a tense few minutes I had the leader in my hand....All our jaws dropped as I lifted a hefty Blonde ray safely from the water.

What a jammy amazing catch by anyone's standards....second trip,third Ray for Big H! on a serious roll. We were all so happy the walk back was a breeze,the next day I ventured out of Weymouth on a rather choppy day.....there were a few lads chumming the water with their stomach contents,I maneged to keep what little colour i have and even caught a pb Spurdog of 16lb's all in all a bloody good weekend.....

my back and knees say other-wise but needs must and all that.

Til next time

Good luck

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