Tuesday 9 May 2017


Hello to all

Firstly let me congratulate man like Moxey on coming second place in the South west lakes trust Perch competition which was held at Tamar lake in dire easterly winds making things more than complicated for the anglers that were brave enough to take part.Some great fish were landed and pb's broken.......congrats to my pal Dom Garnett who took a long overdue personal best! and big up my man Lee Garner who won the comp during which he extracted a 4lb'er.....Nice one lad's top dangling!

Aside from the Perch, my love affair with the salt water angling continues to run as strong as the the Bristol channel.Which aptly brings me to my latest session....earlier on in the week I had arranged to go Ray fishing with my friends Ty aka big H and sensia Collingridge.I got a bit pissed on Saturday night and passed out with the telly on.In the morning my alarm sounded to alert me it was time to go fishing,I woke up a bit fuzzy headed and looked up to the television.....I couldn't believe it! the show Everybody loves Raymond was on.I chuckled to myself and took this as a definite sign the we would catch the target species that day.

So we headed up the motorway to fish a well known Ray mark in Somerset,The venue has a reputation for throwing up lots of Thorney's which hopefully Tom and Ty would tangle with as neither one has yet had the pleasure of catching one the proper way......from the shore.
After negotiating a few hundred steps and a bitch of a walk we were scuppered to find three lads had beaten us to our chosen mark, slightly peeved we trekked on until we found a safe place to perch ourselves for the day, most importantly with a suitable and safe place to land anything we might catch,the last thing you would want is to fall in.....no fish is worth risking your life for.

Standard Ray tactics were employed,long pulleys with fish baits mounted on 4/0 Varivas Big mouth extra's pennell style,we soon had our baits out and the excitement was building,as was the tide.Ty couldn't believe the speed and force the tide possess whilst watching it smother the boulders and mud flats that laid in front of us.With the flood also came a rather uncomfortable on shore blow,however we were kept busy landing strap congers and dogfish but there seemed to be no sign of the target species....the wind increased as we reached the top of the tide....it was becoming harder to get the baits out,and with the wind blowing the opposite direction of the powerful tide holding bottom was was border-line....it was looking like time to do one when I noticed Ty's rod buggering off towards Wales.He eagerly lifted the rod prompting the line to play a high pitched tune as it whistled in the blustery wind."Ray on" I enthused.....hastily clambering down the rocks like a mountain goat with a meal ticket,the fish held low using the tide to its full advantage.The bend in Ty's blank was spectacular,I thought he had something serious on the line but upon grabbing the leader and giving the fish a bit of persuasion a modest sized thorney broke the merk of the surface.

The size was irrelevant,we were all chuffed and decided it would be best to stay on for a little while longer to see if Tom could get in on the Rays....lucky we did too,soon after returning big H's ray Tom was hooked up.I was back on climbing duty quickly at the ready to leader the culprit,which gratefully was the target species....Toms face when I came up the rocks holding what he so dearly wanted was priceless......some proper kid at Christmas shit.Big H was soon back on the rod to land his second of the day....my rods weren't receiving any attention but I was happy to see the boys get what they wanted and be a part of it so happy days.


Til next time

Good luck

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